• Hello, my name Mike Tran.

    Passionate about sharing with my knowledge and experience to community.

    My Objective:
    To be a master online marketing in the participant age, with the main skill Search Engine Marketing & Social Media, Campaign Strategy, Media Strategy & Planning, working in an agency/company where I can use my skills and enables me to make a positive contribution.

    My Profile:
    ·      A  highly  energetic,  self-motivated,  and  enthusiastic individual,  dedicated  to  providing the best service in coordination and problem-solving
    ·       Possessing ability to analyze and interpret information
    ·       Ability to work under constant deadline pressure
    ·       Careful, organized and hard-working
    ·       Ability to interact, coordinate, and get along with co-workers and public contacts
    ·       High seft-learning

    Key skills:
    Professional Skills:
    ·       Keywords research, planning, strategy.
    ·       Plan PPC campaign, bidding, monitoring.
    ·       Digital campaign strategy & planning
    ·       Campaign, keywords bidding strategy
    ·       Monitor, optimize online advertising campaign.
    ·       Campaign execute, monitoring, report.
    ·       Website / Campaign analysis with Google Analytics, Comscore, Media Mind, Google DFA
    ·       Understand Google’s tools like Adwords, Analytics, Adsense, etc.
    ·       Understand measure, analyze, optimize media campaign with Comscore, Media Mind, Google DFA, etc.
    ·       Setup, monitor & report Facebook fan page, Facebook Ads
    ·       Sharing knowledge and present to community.

    Other Skills:
    ·       Demonstrated fluency in academic Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese Chinese.
    ·       English in above average.
    ·       Achieved computer proficiency; demonstrated knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Project), Microsoft networking, and most of all Internet functions.

    ·       Social networking & communicate. 
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